Ways to appreciate your child

As a parent of three children , i’m continuously moving them to get beyond their usual ranges of familiarity, tackle new obligations, put forth objectives and afterward make a move to accomplish them. Yet, how would I push them to urge better without causing them to feel that they’re not sufficient as they are?”

“I believe they ought to know the amount I love and value them as they are, and consistently will no matter anything.”

What you’ll Do at Home

  1. Praise positive behavior

Assuming you get your kid during a thoughtful gesture, attempt to commend them for it! This is extraordinary in light of the fact that it supports this way of behaving, and puts esteem on being an excellent individual.

  1. Leave a note in their lunch

This little signal can fill their heart with joy and reminds them the amount you give it a second thought. Compose a note empowering them for a serious occasion or basically saying you love them!

  1. Simply tell them

Tell your kid that you simply love and backing them. Periodically we get entangled with pushing our children to be their best selves, however attempt to show them appreciation — just for being what their identity is.

  1. Try something new together

Give your child the gift of a replacement experience and make some unique memories together! Even if it’s just exploring a different part of the neighborhood or trying a new craft project, spending quality time together helps strengthen your relationship and should teach you both something new in the process!

  1. Make their favorite food

Make their favorite food, Things can get hectic with busy schedules, but bonding over a shared meal together may be a great way to spread the love and enjoy each other’s company.

7 Things to keep in mind before organizing your school fair

  1. Sanitation: Sanitation is of utmost importance. Always remember, if there is too much garbage on the premises, it won’t be possible to conduct the assembly the next morning. Hence, training the staff and the students to not litter here and there, and reduce wastage should be done prior to the date of the fair.

    Also, it gives a good impression on the parents and the visitors attending the fair to see the premises clean.
  2. Time bound: The fair needs to be time bounded. It should start and end at exact timings to maintain the required discipline.
    The students should know that they have to leave on time and reach their residences on time accordingly.
  3. Sources of learning: Fairs are sources of fun for kids, but school fairs need to be the sources of learning. A student learns how to be punctual, manage things on his/her own, work in teams, be disciplined, and be a good leader through various situations in school fairs. 
  4. Stall Co-Ordinators: You then want to appoint teacher or student co-ordinators for every stall. These coordinators may additionally appoint their subordinates, made from teachers & students willing to help. 
  1.  Relation between students and teachers : A devoted teacher and a willing student together make one of the purest and deeply inspirational relationships. It is essential for a teacher to earn the students’ trust early on in the year. A trusting classroom with mutual respect is a thriving classroom content with active, engaging learning opportunities.
  2. Fair is not to sell your products: Many students while booking stalls, think of making good sales and good earnings from the products and curate schemes to lure the visitors to purchase the products.

    We need the students to understand and realize that fair is not the place to sale the products, it is an opportunity to become a better leader by showcasing what we have learnt in the classroom.
  3. Streamlined communication: Communication between the organizers is an important part to determine the success of any event. During fair, everyone has very high emotions. This high excitement can coerce an individual to behave in a manner which is not to the level of the fair.
    Hence it is very important to streamline the communication to avoid any clashes.