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How to deal with a hyperactive kid

It is said that the “best way to make children good is to make them happy” Children are beautiful in their way and what makes them even more beautiful is happiness when their uniqueness is adored and not perceived as a flaw.

If your kid moves around a lot, enjoys problem-solving by doing things, and does not prefer reading chances are there that he or she is a kinesthetic child. But let me tell you one thing, you do not have to worry about it. Kinesthetic or hyperactive kids tend to have a lot more energy as compared to the other kids. The only thing you have to do is to help them channel it in the right direction.

Here is what you can do to make it easier for kids if they are showing kinesthetic behavior.

  • Embracing their personality – First thing to do is to make them feel comfortable in the family and outside. Accept that their behavior is not aggressive but they have an extra amount of energy. Even in school, you can discuss this with their teachers about it. It makes them feel confident and eases things out for them. On the other hand, if you try to tame them, it is possible that they might start showing aggressive behavior because of the frustration of not being understood.
  • Proper activity planning – It is obvious that if a child has more energy then he will try to find ways to use that energy. What parents can do is they can plan their activities to balance out things. For example- Try to build firm bedding and mattress for your kid. It makes sure that even if they are spending a lot of their energy doing things like jumping around and playing, they will not get hurt. Also using the energy with the help of props like a trampoline, or skidpad, and even installing pags on the wall is going to help them a lot. It also helps them to build muscle strength from an early stage. Try to plan activities that involve running and jumping like a sack race, these activities will help them to use their energy productively.

All this makes sense until kids reach a certain age. Once they reach the age of around 13-14, either they will choose outer activities or activities that require mental energy instead of physical energy. It is to be noted that it is not necessary that if your child is hyperactive he or she will choose physical activities. There are a lot of kids who excel in indoor games even after being kinesthetic. Kinesthetic kids are also attracted to games like chess and learning computer skills.

Hyperactive kids tend to be very sharp-minded, therefore some kids prefer using their mental energy. But not everyone can understand that this is their innate quality. Of, course it can be handled productively but not removed from their personality. Even teachers sometimes try to hold them back. When this happens kids tend to adopt depressive behavior as they do not feel accepted for who they are. You can not turn an apple into a banana. You can only improve its quality. So if your kid is hyperactive, you do not have to control his energy instead you can use his unique quality to nurture his talents.


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