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How to deal with the introverted and extroverted behavior of your child?

Who is an extrovert or an introvert is a matter of perception. To put it into simple words, Extroverts are more likely to spend their time and energy with family and their social circle on the other hand introverts tend to spend more time and energy with their inner circle while enjoying their own company.

Every kid is unique in his or her way. The approach that parents should adopt is to first understand their kids with a holistic approach. Their habits, fears, preferences, joyful moments, and moments when they react out of frustration and irritation. Doing so is going to help them decide how they can work on their kid’s weaknesses and celebrate their strengths.

Both introversion and extroversion are the types of qualities that kids adopt according to their choice of habits and the influence of the external environment. But parents nowadays want their kids to be outgoing and gel up with their peers and social circle to become all-rounder personalities. One thing that they should keep in mind is that the level of introversion and extroversion in youngsters does not affect their ability to lead, communicate or be creative.

What can help parents is to try and work with kids to nourish their personalities. Teaching them important life lessons while respecting their individuality is a win-win situation for both parents and children.

Parents can adopt the following three-step approach for the same.

  • Talking with love and respect – Accepting the personality preference of your kid is a very important aspect of a good parenting style. Embracing their life choices is going to give them the freedom of living life their way, this way they will even listen to you with more patience and respect. Encouraging them to make life choices and helping them to figure out healthy ways to express their thought process is the first step towards building confidence in your child. Social media is a good platform to help them express their thoughts without forcing them to become extroverted.
  • Giving kids their time and space – It might be exciting for parents to see their kids become extroverts but it is often overwhelming for introverted kids to mold themselves into another personality type. Parents can plan trips and activities for their introverted kids that they enjoy doing. For example, if your kid has a fear of heights, instead of forcing them to win over it, work with them and encourage their efforts. It will give them the confidence to express their emotions with clarity. Even while dealing with family and friends, parents should give kids a chance to talk according to their comfort.
  • Teaching them to take one step at a time- Spending time alone can sometimes bring in overwhelming and even depressing reactions. This can lead to low self-esteem, in such times taking charge and having conversations,to make them comfortable is going to strengthen their bond with you. Even enrolling them in social clubs and encouraging them to learn how to start simple conversations is a great start for them to learn the art of communication.

Like each flower has its beauty, every kid is beautiful and unique in his or her way. Understanding your kid and commenting on their habits while respecting their individuality is the best way to nurture their god-gifted talents. Do not force them to be your way but give them the liberty to find their way is an invaluable gift that you can give to your child.


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