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How to develop effective studying habits in children

We all agree that Kids these days have the busiest schedule. From school hours to extra classes and extracurriculars, they hop from one place to another before finally hitting the bed.

Now, this is exciting and worrisome for parents at the same time. And one thing that parents worry the most is about how they can get some extra time to revise and learn at home.

Apart from the time crunch, factors like stress, lack of energy, lack of interest, and distractions are some reasons that might become a hindrance for kids to develop productive studying habits.

As parents, it is heartbreaking to see your kids struggle to find and manage time to study. But do not worry, if you follow these tips they will definitely thrive in their learning sessions.

Fix a routine – A good beginning is half done. If you build a holistic routine for them, they will be mentally prepared to study as they do during school time. A good routine helps to build momentum for the day.

One thing to remember is that they should get some break time in between all the activities you are planning for them. Fix a study time for them and when the clock ticks the time, remind them of their commitment. It also inculcates discipline in them. Do not give in to their demands, if they are not ready to study. The trick is to convince them by having a conversation with them. Telling them the importance of learning in life. You can also plan a reading time for yourself, that way they will not be able to escape instead they will learn sincerely.

Take care of their holistic development – Knowledge will give them the push in life but if they are not healthy it will definitely hold them back in life. Kids must have a balanced diet and good sleep to retain what they are learning. After all, everything is connected. With this, give them time to stretch and relax so that they can concentrate more when they are actually studying.

Do check on their meal timings and make sure they are not hungry. Our brain needs fuel to focus and if our tummy is full we will definitely be able to focus more on learning.

Build a study environment – The place matters a lot. If you fix a place with little or no distractions it will help them to focus and retain things easily. You can also decorate the place with good quotes and a comfortable, chair- table set to help them have much-needed comfort. These are the little things that can become a distraction at the study place and if you take care of them develop a lifelong love for learning.

Add some reading time – It is not just about learning, but reading too. Reading is a very important part of education. Developing a reading habit comes hand in hand while developing a studying habit in children.

To develop a reading habit, you can start with easy sentences. Give them books a grade below or two as compared to what they are actually studying. It helps them build a flow for reading. Also, build a collection of important words to develop a versatile vocabulary for them. If kids have a vast vocabulary, they can easily make sentences. It also gives them the confidence to present their ideas and read gracefully. You can add 15 minutes of reading time to their studying time.

The final piece of advice is that you should not obsess over teaching your kids. It does not happen overnight. Even if you are taking care of everything, it takes at least 6 months to develop productive habits in kids. They will make mistakes and learn, all you have to do is support them with patience. Your hard work will pay off as their love for learning throughout their life.


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