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How to discipline your kids in the correct way?

Raising kids is an arduous task. From finding ways to deal with their childish behavior to maintaining a balance between family routine and their course. We as parents face a hard time disciplining kids.

 It can be challenging to keep your cool when interacting with a teenager who does not even want to listen to you. And then shouting and physical aggression becomes the lender of the last resort for us. But let me make it clear that it never helps and even makes you face situations that no parent ever wants to find themselves in.

Fortunately, there are other, better approaches, and positive discipline is one of them. We spoke to several parents to learn more about how the approach can assist parents in fostering positive relationships with their kids and instilling values like responsibility, cooperation, and self-discipline.

Let us see what possible solutions came out as the result.

Going back to square one- Simply means putting ourselves in their shoes. Let us take an example. Remember the times when we were to learn skills like driving?

We all wanted to do that, Right? But with one condition that was common for all of us that we were not ready to learn that from our parents. Reason being we were afraid of getting scolded while making mistakes. But at the same time when a teacher taught us the same skill, it was easier for us to try and learn. Now you all must be wondering how it is related to teaching kids discipline.

The rule is simple: be their teacher. Encourage them when they take initiative. And most important of all, respect them. Yes, respectably talking to them makes the whole difference.

After all, they know you love them and that your intentions are genuine. They all expect to learn from our life-long experiences. But the only thing they can not take is the way if we choose to be harsh on them.

So the best way out is to take a step back and realize that shouting is not going to help. See how they react when you correct their behavior with love and not by scolding them.

Nobody is born perfect and when we encourage kids to make mistakes and learn from them they develop a positive attitude toward learning in life.

Explain the reason behind everything- We all love the shortcut, especially when it comes to our kids. If they want a toy – we give them a toy, if they want to use the phone – we let them use it for hours just so that they do not disturb us in our work.

But have you ever wondered what if you say no, are they going to understand your language? Probably NO, they will try every possible way to convince you. But if you explain to them the reason behind it they will listen to you. Remember it will not happen overnight. You will have to be patient with them. If you create a harmonious bond with your kid, he/she will reciprocate the same behavior.

It is not just about teaching them discipline, of course, it is one of the most important values but at the end of the day, you have to be their mentor for everything in life. And it means nurturing and nourishing your bond with them at every step of their life. While talking to them, reflect on their reaction immediately. See if they are liking the way you are talking to them or not.

If they like it they will be very happy and cheerful to learn more things from you. So if you are looking forward to inculcating discipline in your kids, remember you have to be their ideal first.


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