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How to do anger management with kids

Anger – The feeling of antagonism when something goes against our wish is called anger. Or in simple words the negative emotions we feel when someone deliberately does something against our wish is known as anger.

It is rightly said that “Anger does not solve anything but can destroy everything”. Especially while dealing with kids it becomes crucial to have a balanced approach towards parenting.
Nowadays it has become challenging for parents to understand the nuances of parenting when it comes to teaching children about anger management.

Family is the first learning institution for children, and when the family members do not preach harmony, they can not teach harmony either. So what should be the right approach to manage the sudden surge of any emotion in kids?
Well, the most effective way is to start an open conversation with them. Only when you will make them feel loved and respected, they are going to listen to you. Asking simple questions like What is the one thing that makes them furious and how you can help them to navigate the process of managing those emotions goes a long way.

Most of the time parents try to manage the aggression of kids by giving punishment. Sometimes even trying to tame them with physical actions. This only makes things worse in the long run. Not only do they continue to show anger and annoyance but it becomes a part of their personality as they grow older. Peace is not just a word but a powerful weapon against anger any day. Even we as adults get emotional when treated with love and respect, imagine what impact is it going to make on your children if you deal with them with patience.

A holistic approach to lead an example for your kids is to simply preach what you are trying to teach. As cliche as it may sound, it is probably the only way to inculcate happy and healthy behavioral habits in them. The approach also includes teaching a complete way of being to your kids. From healthy food habits to practicing ‘minimalism and teaching them the importance of values like sharing and caring. The most important all is to take care of your mental health. Only if you are happy you can make others happy.

For example – If your kids are fighting for a new toy even though they already have a lot of them what you can do is become their playmate to understand where it is coming from. Sometimes just making a clear point to them can help them to understand the difference between a need and a want.

For the little ones, their parents and family are their whole world. If they prove to be good human beings, children are going to adopt those precious life values from them. Sometimes acting firmly can make them realize your place as a mentor in their life. Bonds build on trust are often stronger than the ones built on fear. When you show love, children are willing to listen to you not just with ears but with an open heart.


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