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How to make your child responsible?

We all know responsibility peaks when an individual becomes a parent. And with that awareness comes a concern to teach your kid the real meaning of responsibility. As defined by the law of nature animal babies become self-sufficient the moment they take birth. Also, it is a well-known fact that mother nature is the best teacher. Going by fact, parents can also start teaching their kids what responsibility actually means. If not immediately, after the age of 3 infants can easily adopt small habits that can make them responsible human beings.

Responsibility is not a magic trick that one can learn overnight, but a versatile concept that helps kids to become mature human beings. Likewise, if parents start early, it becomes easier for kids to grasp the essence of awareness and responsibility slowly and steadily.

Following are some ways that can help you to teach your kid how to become a responsible person.

  • Household chores – Nowadays parents prefer to not bother kids with anything other than studies and extracurriculars. But the reality is that if you involve your kids while doing household chores, it is going to help them become aware of their responsibility as a part of the family. Serving snacks to guests makes them confident in front of other people. Similarly doing their dishes and sorting clothes makes them aware of the importance of team work while performing any task.
  • Sorting and sequencing – Sorting clothes and utensils help kids to sharpen their minds and develop organizational skills. It is a great way to teach them Once they learn how to do sorting properly teach them the concept of organizers. To put everything in its pre-decided place. It might sound like a regular boring activity but these small habits go a long way. They become habitual in doing tasks properly and in sequence. It also helps them gain clarity about the importance of planning and execution in life.
  • Bonding over evening walks – Conversations are a great way to start bonding with your kids. And once they become comfortable, it becomes very easy for parents to talk to them about important life lessons. Going for evening walks in public places and talking to them about life, in general, brings a lot of positive changes in their behavior. When they see people doing hard work to earn money, they automatically adopt the practice of being grateful for what they already have.
  • Weekly thanksgiving – ‘Gratitude is the best attitude’, children follow what they see. Therefore if family members start being thankful to each other for their contribution towards building the family, kids start valuing the efforts of each family member. This works like magic in building long lasting relationships among family members.

Entrusting kids to complete small tasks individually is very important to make them feel responsible. Also acknowledging their efforts and appreciating them for completing tasks motivate them to perform better. This does not only apply when they do household chores but to all the other aspects of life too. With confidence and independence, they become better performers in life. It all adds up to the process of personality building while bringing good balance of Emotional Intellignece and Intelliogence Quotient in their lives.


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