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How to take care of your little ones in chilly winters?

No matter how much we love winters, we can’t deny the fact that it also brings unwanted and itchy skin problems with them.

We all agree that kids have a skin texture as soft as silk. And as winter has started approaching, the first thing parents should take care of is moisturization. It might sound like a very tiny piece of advice but it is a golden one. Kids might not understand why it is important to take care of their skin and whole body and that’s why the parents’ role comes into play.

Let’s see how one can use these easy steps to involve a self-care routine in everyday life.

1. We all have faced a situation in childhood where our mothers were behind us to apply coconut oil and glycerol in winter to keep our skin moisturized. But with time we don’t seem to use it as we think it is outdated. But let me tell you this toxin-free substance has a lot of benefits than just being a moisturizer. It hydrates the skin for the whole day and even relieves extremely dry skin problems.

2. Have you ever thought about why our skin becomes dry even after applying different kinds of moisturizer? Because our skin absorbs the product. Imagine applying products without knowing how it is made and what it consists of.

So the second thing is to be very careful about what you choose for your kids in terms of their skincare.

The very best advice is to apply easily available things in our kitchen. Turmeric and Gram flour are the best alternatives for fancy soaps and body wash. You can even apply it to wash your hair and face.

3. Next is to make organic hair oils at your home. You can use ingredients such as crushed china rose, amla, and seeds and mix them with almond oil, and leave the mixture overnight. You use it for head massages. You can also apply egg whites for 10-15 minutes before washing to get that amazing shiny hair.

We all know healthy hair is a sign of a healthy heart and a healthy body.

Another great deal is to have a domestic oil expeller in the house. You can grind sesame, mustard and even almonds to extract oil. It has so many health benefits in the long run as it is homemade.

People nowadays think that it is very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it is time-consuming. But if you plan things out it becomes a part of your lifestyle. In the end, what matters is our Good health and just good health.


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