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How we develop leadership qualities in our students

Every child should get a chance to groom leadership qualities. It is crucial, as it allows children to take responsibility for their decisions. Every child has the potential to become a good leader, all he needs is grooming and nurturing of qualities.

There is N number of ways to do this. It starts by teaching kids household chores and the importance of becoming independent from a very early stage of life. In school teachers should encourage students to take responsibility for small tasks to instill confidence.

Now, as a mentor, if I have to pick one such activity to help my students learn leadership, it would be organizing activities and camps.

Leadership can not be learned in the classroom. Children should experience field knowledge and apply their classroom learning to learn leadership.

Let us have a sneak peek at things we do in our outdoor activities. The initiative is known as “ Know Thyself” meaning Understanding Yourself. It is only when children apply their classroom learning in real life they can experience the real meaning of life.

The process starts by choosing 8-10 students who are already representing their class in different areas. It is because they already have an idea of what leadership is.

After that comes the most important thing – The planning session, every minute detail is discussed in our planning session. We plan to impart all the information regarding the execution of our camp beforehand. We do this so that our students take responsibility on the execution day with confidence.

Then comes the execution day. As we reach the destination, we divide the children into different groups. In this, we also choose one group leader and one teacher as a group in charge.

Next in line is deciding the Intention, Goal, and Vision for the activity.

  • Intention – To learn the skills required to become a good leader
  • Goal – To apply those skills in real-life experience
  • Vision – To learn how to lead a good life in all aspects.

After deciding the goals, our students take a step ahead to prepare and distribute meals with the team. The role and responsibilities of each group have been pre-decided in advance to avoid any confusion. It also ensures accountability for not doing the work.

During the entire process, we all follow the motto of “ No blame, Nocomplaints. It enriches the team environment and guides the students toward the achievement of the same goal.

Lastly, we believe that Developing leadership skills in children at a young age can help them deal with peer pressure as they approach adolescence.

Although being a leader is not a specific topic of study, it is important to provide kids with the leadership skills they need so they are prepared to guide the way and develop into responsible adults for the next generation.


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