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How you can teach your 3 years old with these easy tips

Celebrating small milestones for your kids is the best feeling in the world. From weaning to start teaching them as soon as they turn 1, parents do it all for the holistic development of their kids. Sometimes it builds pressure on them to find activities that are a balance of fun and educational foundation for their little ones.

Every parent should understand that they do not have to stress about teaching their kids from the beginning. The focus should be on building a foundation for finding joy in learning. And it starts with creating curiosity by adding the element of fun to their daily learning sessions.

Let us see, How you can start teaching your kids with these easy tips

Developing customized fun games for them – We all know that our little ones are so small that it is difficult for them to concentrate or even hold a pencil for a very long time. But at the same time, their brain has a lot of capacity to absorb and retain information.

So the best thing to do is to plan 1-minute games for them. You can start by giving them the props like Alphabetical, Numerical, Fruit shapes, or Even toys that they find attractive. This way kids will start building focus on one thing rather than running behind everything in the house.

When they start focusing, you can use props like a small organizer to teach them organizing skills. When you sit and show them how it is done, they will remember the process and imitate you later. Now the thing is not just teaching them difficult skills like organizing, but building their sitting power and focus towards learning in general.

Making customized toys with them – Take cardboard and make small holes in it. Now teach your kids to thread the strings through these holes. It might sound boring but when it becomes interesting for them to complete the task in a minute. Also, they get the feeling of accomplishment which boosts their confidence in the long run.

Finding letters and numbers in the surroundings – Even if your little ones can not properly read or write, you can teach them numbers and the alphabet very easily. Try to inculcate numbers in games and tell them to repeat the number of times they are repeating the exercise. These small games play a huge role in the development of their motor skills.

Now that we have already discussed some tips to engage kids in learning sessions, let us see what the things you need to keep in mind are to make these sessions more effective. One thing is to make a schedule for a particular learning topic for a week. They should not feel overwhelmed by the information. Give them time to learn and enjoy at their pace.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to scold them when they are not able to grasp things immediately. They will make mistakes and you have to be patient with them so that they can feel free to ask any question that comes to their mind.

 Lastly, let them learn their way, and encourage them if their interest lies in some other topic than the one you have chosen for them. Make learning an easy process for them so that they can develop a love for it for their entire life.


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