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Necessity of Assembly in School Life

School Assemblies are a boon to one’s life. Not only for a student’s life but it works for you throughout your being. Children being children never realizes the merits of school assembly unless being told in a correct way. Just Like a breakfast, they are key start to a new child’s day that benefices them growing in a self-disciplined responsible adult with a sense of creating a well-developed community.

It’s about a day when I started the school in 1989 and for the very first day I went to the assembly ground. There were around 175 students from various schools. I after seeing them praying during assembly had a thought of weaving one that is perfect in all the senses. I begin the job of assembly designing and believe me, it was outside the normal range of duties for me. Nevertheless, within some days I got success in designing a perfect one. During this designing I realized one very important aspect of “belongingness”. Belongingness to God and most importantly to our soul. Our body is nothing but a dress or cover that our soul is wearing. So we all are souls and God is our Supreme Soul, our father. At the very start of day when leaving behind the whole negativity, we collectively bow to that supreme power and immerse in him, it generates a divine positive energy. The celestial aura created by all puts everyone in an incomparable feeling of divinity.

In addition to this, as days passed I experienced with my students and the staff members that the development of a child is like a flower of 8 petals that includes Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Social, Habit, Mental, Language and One Skill. When during assembly a child devotes himself to the Supreme God, he opens up completely to accept the knowledge in all directions. When he prays and meditates his connection with the one supreme soul develops him in the direction of Spirituality, Mentally, and Emotionally. When the child assembles with all the members of his school family and celebrates all the social or religious functions or events including birthdays of students they develop themselves Socially.

When they see the way the teacher and the administration bless the child in a completely unique way and when they read spiritual news and thoughts they learn to communicate, they develop their language and IQ skills as well. When the students come to pray, meditate, exercise and yoga they strengthens themselves Physically. This overall development of a child is possible with a perfect assembly early in the morning that generates a habit of devotion to God. This brings the required protocol in life.

Another aspect that works and is very important part of our life that can be developed during assembly is the “Posture”. A posture is a very important part of our well being. The way we sit, walk, stand all matters a lot in our life. So while assembly the posture that works perfect is mudra. Yog mudra is one of the superior mudras that reflect very positive vibrations along with the connectivity with our self. To understand, sitting like a hermit results in the powerful and enlightened aura around us. Just like if you mimic like a rat you feel like a rat or if like a lion you start roaring like a lion. So I worked on the mudra while assembly which resulted in a great change.

Above all when we sit all together, the Human energy works collectively. Energy of human resource is a power light house that emits the light of positivity which works together so great during assembly that it feels like many halogens are lighting up all together.

When I delivered these information to all of my students they were immediately connected to me and understood the concept behind morning assembly. This made easy for me to correct many aspects which works great when done properly and resulted in overall majorly internal development of students.


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