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Parents – Lifelong teachers and companions for kids

Why parents are called the first teacher of their kids?

Because whatever kids learn in the initial years of life, becomes the foundation of their learning phase throughout life.

Among all the responsibilities parents have towards kids, Mentoring is the most important one. It decides what kind of value system kids will choose, according to what they learn from their parents.

Talking about learning, fundamentally there are two aspects of learning: Literacy and Education.

The first aspect focuses on imparting worldly knowledge while the second focuses on learning holistically about LIFE.

In the words of Bred Hnery

“Education is not solely about earning a great living. It means living a great life.”

As an academician, I interact with parents daily. And one thing I found is that most parents think that teaching means imparting worldly knowledge.

But is that so? Imagine what value it is going to have if your child has vast worldly knowledge but lacks behavioral understanding. To understand the real concept of teaching, here are important tips to keep in mind.

Communication – How you talk and respond has a direct impact on how your kids perceive communication. You can not teach them to be patient and soft-spoken if you are behaving oppositely. Actions speak louder than words. Remember, if you want to teach them the importance of communication, preach it first.

There are two things you need to keep in mind.

  1. How you talk to them – Listen to them first and then respond. Listening with patience is an important skill one should learn while dealing with kids. Do not try to force any kind of behavior on them. Let them express what they feel. Listen to their side of the story first before reaching any conclusion.
  1. How you talk about others- It is equally important to speak of others respectfully in front of your kids. Kids pay attention to everything parents do. More than words, actions influence them. So the second thing you need to consider is to talk with utmost care in front of your kids.

Involvement – Parents think that once their kids start going to school, their role as teachers declines. But that is not the case. Parents are real teachers for their kids who stand with them in every situation of life. And to increase the impact of teaching, parents must involve themselves in the activities that they plan for their kids.

So if you enroll your child in a drawing class, pottery lessons, music, or dance, try to be present with them in every small and big win they experience. It makes learning substantial.

Another thing to consider is preaching everything you are teaching them.

For example – If you want them to become caring by nature, show them how you care for your friends and family. Create a loving environment in your family.

Do not mock them or taunt them in front of friends and family. Even if your child is not behaving, do not pinpoint their mistakes immediately. If you allow them to understand their mistakes, it will become easier for them to accept and work on them.

In a Nutshell, Parents play a crucial role in a child’s life. Be it the role of teacher, mentor, friend, or guide, a parent needs to ace every role if they want their kids to explore various opportunities in life. It can only happen when parents participate with their kids to encourage them. It will not only prove beneficial for their personality development but also prepare them to face various challenges in life.


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