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Quality Time With Children

We barely notice the passing of the days as we juggle between life and work. Many parents are concerned about not spending enough time with their kids and wonder if this may cause developmental problems. Some parents even feel guilty for choosing to work a full-time job or worry about going to the gym or out to dinner with friends.

A recent study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family casts doubt on the relationship between mothers’ time spent with their kids and their success in school, behavior, and emotional health. This is not meant to downplay the value of spending time with kids, but rather to emphasize how much more significant quality time is than quantity.

What is most advantageous to children and what can have a favorable impact on them as they grow is quality time spent with parents.

Here are some tips for you to get the best of the time in terms of quality to that you can spend days with your kids.

  1. Playing Games Together: Every child loves to play games and what could be better than turning playtime into quality time with family? There is a variety of board games available in the market nowadays that are a fun way to spend a fun time with the entire family. Simple games like Ludo or snake and ladders can turn out to be one of the most fun-filled experiences for the entire family.
  1. Life in Public Places: There are many instances where parents are out in the world with their kids in day-to-day life. It might be waiting for a taxi to go somewhere or waiting for the school bus in the morning. While the kids learn how the world works, it is always a plus if the parent holds their hand to show them around. Hand holding, while looks like a very simple exercise that nobody gives much thought to, can be a powerful way to ensure that such little time can be of high quality. Physical touch for a kid holds special value in their life and a warm hand to hold can turn any time into quality time.
  1. Tips for Working Parents: After getting home from work, a smile can make all the difference in the world for a little kid. Being friendly and respectful towards kids and swinging genuine curiosity in their day-to-day activities can imbibe a sense of relativity in the kids as well. Stories from your childhood and including them in the calls with your childhood friends can turn out to be one of the most high-quality times that can be spent with your children.

Remember you don’t have to participate in the rat race of being perfect parents. But you can personalize your way of being. No child can forget the feeling of being close to their parents. Not just living under the same roof but sharing day-to-day anecdotes and big achievements to connect your hearts and lives as well.


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