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What to do when your child adopts a complaining behavior

Seeing your child happy is one of the best feelings in the world. Yet,it has become a rare case in most homes. Even if parents do their best to keep their kids happy, the results are not very satisfactory.

The first reason behind this is Parents being reactive. The kind of behavior parents reflects when they face any adversity. They immediately want to take action when a child complains and whines about any problem. Be it a small fight in school or at playtime, most parents encourage their kids to take it one step ahead by involving themselves in the same. But they do not realize that kids will follow the same thing when there will be an argument at home.

So what should be the middle way for parents?

Almost every day is a whining session for kids right after they come back from school. And as parents, our first reaction is to settle the situation, not their attitude. After all, which parent does not want to be a HERO for their child? But have you ever wondered what kind of HERO you are becoming? The one who knows nothing but screams when a negative situation arises or the one who sets an example for them to adopt a positive outlook towards problems in life.

A wise parent will always choose the latter and these tips will help you to establish a strong foundation for your kids when it comes to adopting healthy habits.

Acknowledge their emotions- Parents need to help their kids define and express them. Strong emotions like anger, frustration, and aggression should be handled carefully. If you do not pay attention in the present, it might become a part of their personality in the future.

And acknowledging emotions helps them to identify the problem in the first place. Sometimes they do not even need a solution, but listening to them would make them feel better and induce a calming effect in their personality.

Have conservation with them – Instead of reacting, try to show proactiveness. When a child is facing any problem at home, in school, or even with friends, do not try to conclude immediately.

 Most parents, get away if they see their child is sad or crying. But the thing here is to show them the way you would choose if you face a similar situation. Imagine if you argue in a workplace, would you scream or would you prefer to talk it out? Talking makes everything easy. It helps you to find the root cause of the problem.

Finding the solution – Be it kids or adults nobody wants to listen when they are angry and in offensive mode. The reason being it makes them feel that they are wrong and it worsens the situation. But if you talk about the same thing after a day or two when kids are in receptive mode, they will listen to you.

When kids are aware that they are being heard they also listen to you carefully. They become proactive and the synergy of positive thoughts helps them in shaping their personality.

The final tip of advice is to remind ourselves what kind of behaviour we want them to adopt. Is it the kind of behavoiur where they feel like screaming whenever any negative situation arises or the one where they can come to us and talk to us to find a solution to any problem. Help them focus and on the good things so that they can find good things in life easily.


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