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How to motivate a lazy child

Have you ever wondered how laziness enters the system of the human brain? Well, you might think it’s just another bad habit that comes from not doing anything productive.
But how do you justify this when your kids start showing lazy behaviour?

Isn’t it contradictory, because kids are supposed to be the powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm?
The answer lies in the kind of perception they build towards actions and rewards. As they put effort into studying, playing or any extracurricular activity, they expect some kind of reward in return. And when they fail they started losing motivation in every aspect of their life.

As a parent, it can turn out to be your worst nightmare when you see your kid losing interest in life. But sticking to the silver lining is going to make all the difference for you. Let’s see how you can do it.

Following are 3 simple steps that you can follow to bring that joy back into your kid’s life.

Start by taking small steps to build a strong foundation for them – You can teach them the importance of having a correct posture. Join them while you teach them how to sit in a winning posture with broad shoulders and shine in their eyes. Performing simple yogasanas like Padmasana and Vajrasana helps them build flexibility in the long run. It builds confidence that eventually becomes a part of their personality. You can also include small games like having healthy competitions. Of course, the winner is the happiest and most cheerful member.

A road a little ahead of indoors- It is equally important to have outdoor activities planned for kids. For that, you can plan small hiking trips to nearby places. Have you ever noticed the difference between a small walk and a small hike? If not you will definitely once you start hiking especially with your kids. It helps them develop a connection with nature and among family members. A bond that is the foundation of a happy family. With that, it also develops a winning attitude in your kids. After all, drop by drop fills the entire ocean.

Creating self-awareness and independence – Teaching them the practice of affirmations like ‘ I CAN DO’ works like magic for them. You can involve them in household chores like doing dishes, cleaning and sorting out clothes. It not only makes them independent but teaches them grounding. Bedtime stories and tales with the message of independence, courage, and morality help to develop human values in your kids. Rewarding them when they complete small tasks is going to help them build a positive attitude towards life.

Remember it is not a destination but a journey to motivate your child to become a better person. When you provide unconditional support to your kid, they learn to become a team member and empathetic human beings.


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