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How to celebrate your kid’s birthday

Birthdays hold a special place in our lives. We all get excited about our birthdays. And for kids, it is always extra special. Their happy faces are a treat to watch on their birthdays.

The first few birthdays are full of grand celebrations. Kids get very excited days before birthday and parents do the best of their capacity to make it extra special for their children. But as they grow up the excitement starts declining. And the main reason is a decline in your involvement in their birthday celebration as they grow up.

So to keep your kid’s spirit alive, what you can do is follow these steps to make every birthday  an unforgettable happy experience for your child.

The idea behind celebrating a birthday is to celebrate the person. Irrespective of how they are doing in their life. And that is probably a reason why kids are euphoric when it comes to their birthday, they know they will get a lot of love and attention for just being themselves.

And our first step includes the idea of doing the same -To make your child the center of attention on his birthday.

Start their day setting good intentions for their upcoming year. And what better than taking the blessings of GOD! Make it a ritual for them to celebrate every birthday morning with a prayer. Reflect on the past year and visualize good things to happen for the coming year. If you set up this ritual for the first few birthdays they will follow it for their entire life.

You can also dress them according to your tradition to keep them grounded. With this particular ritual, they will feel connected to their roots.

After the prayer, all the family members can gather and make a circle. Keep a chair in between and let your child sit in the center. Now give them gifts and blessings by singing songs and cheering for them. It makes them feel very important and loved. 

We all know the importance of giving. Serving the needy people gives everyone satisfaction and inner peace. So you can plan a visit to distribute gifts to unprivileged children on your child’s birthday. This way they can also learn the importance of sharing and caring. They will develop a sense of gratitude for what they have by watching others who are in need.

And when it is the time for celebration, make it all about them. For kids, it is the most exciting part of a birthday. Make them feel special by including their favorite games and activities as it is their party. Include small messages from family and friends and tell them in front of everybody at the party. It makes them feel confident and encourages them to do better in life.

Whatever you decide to do, one thing to remember is that it is about your efforts. Be it a small party or a big celebration, make it special by adding your love and attention to it. And do not forget to capture all the memories as they will cherish these moments for their entire life.


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