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Kids have an infinite amount of energy and sometimes it becomes difficult for parents to manage it. With the pandemic forcing kids to stay at home and adjust to the new normal somehow kids got a lot of time to spend at home. Well, it was supposed to be a blessing in disguise for the parents who are working from home. But at the end of the day, it became a task for them to keep kids busy at home.

As parents we all hear this sentence a lot, “Mumma, I am getting bored” and as a result of our unconditional love, we all find ourselves giving in to their unreasonable demands. Be it watching TV and phone for hours to buying them expensive toys.

So what can you do to channel their energy productively? Let us see what solutions I got from being a parent myself and what my peers have to say about this subject when it comes to parenting kids at home.

We all have heard the saying, “ Nature nurtures eternity” there is a lot we can learn from mother nature. So if we want to teach our kids something about nurturing what is better than making them one with nature?

To develop a nurturing nature, you can start by teaching them the practice of feeding animals around your home. Now you must be wondering how you can channel their energy this way. So, they develop a sense of responsibility with satisfaction when they accomplish simple tasks like this. And eventually, this becomes a part of their routine. When they spend more time in nature doing acts of service, they become better human beings.

Sometimes they might become stubborn and refuse to listen, after all, kids are kids. But if you make them aware of the impact of their service, they will start taking things seriously. They might end up becoming animal lovers.

The next thing you can do is to train them in some form of physical exercise. To start from the basics, yogasana is the best practice to teach kids the power of meditation with physical movements. As they learn to do advanced level yogasans, they get a feeling of accomplishment.

Another thing that you can do is to buy them limited but interesting games. Games that they can work on like logical puzzles, scribbles, and spell games. The trick is to not confuse them by giving them everything at once. But let them concentrate on learning one game at a time. It teaches them patience and improves their concentration at the same time.

Last piece of advice

There are many healthy ways to keep the kids busy at home, but it all requires effort from your side too. As parents, you can also form a group of parents to teach kids different subjects online. Each parent from the group can teach one topic to all the kids online. It gives them time to interact and learn while using the phone. This way they also know a better way of using technology. If you teach them time management from an early stage they are only going to thank you later. After all, time is money, and who does not want to learn, how to manage it effectively?


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