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5 easy and most effective ways to reduce stress in our daily life

Whether it’s children, adults, or the elderly stress is a very familiar feeling that everyone experiences differently. Especially when it comes to mothers, working professionals, or housewives it affects the family as a whole.

Upon asking the parents, especially mothers, we got to know common but rather surprising ways to counter stress in daily life, like dancing, cooking, gardening, or spending quality time talking to the kids about their day.

Apart from these, having consistency in daily life can help reduce stress. Taking out a little time for yourself every day can encourage your brain to get into a Zen-like balance thus helping to reduce the impact of stress in day-to-day life.

Here are some easy-to-follow techniques that you can easily adopt into your busy life schedule and fight stress like a pro.

  • Physical Exercise – It is scientifically proven that physical exercises are very effective in increasing blood circulation thus resulting in an increase in the production of Endorphins or the “feel-good” hormones in your body. As a beginner getting into Zumba, Yoga, Running, or Aerobics for just 30 minutes a day is a very great way to start.
  • Breathing Exercise – The core of our existence is breathing; if we pay attention to it even for 5 minutes and practice some conscious breathing exercises, it can do wonders for our health. Check out the benefits of breathing exercises here
  • Sound Exercise – Similar to breathing exercise it also has a great calming effect on our minds. Apart from the benefits of breathing exercises, sound therapy can help control overthinking and relax our minds and body. Try setting the alarm for 5 minutes and chanting “OM” or lighting a torch or a candle in a dark room and concentrating on the light to increase the impact of sound meditation.
  • Recap Meditation – Going through all the activities of the day with a conscious mind is what recap meditation is all about. This technique includes deep breaths, positive affirmations, and going through the entire day trying to remember small details like the color of the bed sheet or the feeling when leaving home. Consciously remembering the positive as well as negative aspects of the day helps in calming the mind and letting go of stress effectively.

Note- If you are working, do not forget to practice Recap Mediation before going home.

  • Gratitude – Keeping a pet pebble to talk things out with and reminding you of all the good things that happened in the day and being thankful for them is a great way to practice gratitude. Remind yourself “Gratitude is the best attitude”. Alternatively, writing things you are grateful for on a piece of paper to remind yourself of all blessings in your life is a great way to be thankful.

Whether we want it or not stress has become an inevitable part of our life. But if we want, we can manage stress in a very effective way by using the above techniques to improve the quality of our relationships and our lives.


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