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A guide for Fathers on how to embrace parenthood ?

It is not said in vain that a father is the one friend whom a child can always rely on. A mother’s role is often recognized as a vital role in a children’s life. But we all know what kind of impact fathers’ participation can have on a child. The positive involvement of both parents in a child’s life can shape his entire personality.

Raising a child is not an easy task, especially in nuclear families. And if we talk about being a father, there are some things that you can certainly inculcate in your role to build a strong relationship with your child.

  1. So the first thing first is to build a foundation of friendship with your child. For this, you can take your child to a public place once or twice a week. This helps to start a conversation about the things in life that are otherwise ignored by parents. What happens is that your kid will start asking you questions about life. You can give them wisdom from your experience. It is very important to let them know your role as a mentor in their life. So that whenever they want help, they do not hesitate to ask for it.
  2. Nature is the best teacher. It teaches us values like giving and grounding. So when you take your kids for a walk or hike in nature, they organically adopt similar values. You must have seen that kids who enjoy time in nature are more open to learning the values of life than kids who stay at home all the time. It gives a sense of freedom and a winner’s attitude when they finish a hike or a quick run around the ground.
  3. Third and the most important thing is to teach them the importance of respecting others. This starts with setting an example for them. If you talk to your spouse with love and respect, your job is half done there. You can teach when you preach. So if you want your child to respect the opposite gender and people in general, note that it starts from your home.

These are the points that are often ignored by parents, but ultimately these are the only things that will help you to build a strong foundation for a parent-child relationship.

Mentoring your kid is not a rule of thumb but a personal approach as every child is unique in his way. So, the secret is to become a friend, a mentor, and a parent to pave the way for a successful parenting.


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